Gamian Consulting is developing photovoltaic plants for an overall power of 3500 MW and located in different Italian regions.

Our plants spread through 5500 hectares, 5000 of which are dedicated to  agro photovoltaic and 500 to quarries plants and industrial sites.

Plus, we are providing the following planning services on behalf of tiers:

  • 40 MW, 20 of which in agro photovoltaic in Basilicata;
  • 11 MW of industrial areas in in Calabria;
  • 1,370 MW on coverage in Sicily.

Agro - photovoltaic: integration between agriculture and the production of clean energy

Photovoltaic is not an alternative to agricultural activity! Indeed, cultivating between the raws of modules is now possible. Agro - photovoltaic is more and more catching on practice at a universal level and its advantages are:

  • reducing the need for water;
  • improving biodiversity (use of fertilizer and herbicides is forbidden by authorizations);
  • combating the depopulation of rural areas, especially by young people. Indeed, agricultural companies can carry on their activities with a greater economic and financial strength, thanks to further incomes coming from the presence of photovoltaic;
  • favoring sustainable agriculture, by reducing or canceling the use of notably more expensive fertilizer and pesticides, with positive effects on either environment and our health.

Photovoltaic is a concrete opportunity to either cultivate abandoned agricultural lands again and go hand in hand with existing agricultural activities by enhancing agricultural activities nowadays often in need.