Clean energy for a sustainable future

Conception, design and operational management of energy plants from renewable sources..

Hectares for agro-photovoltaic plants
Hectares for photovoltaic systems from former quarries and industrial sites
Total hectares of land for photovoltaic development
MW  of developing photovoltaic plants

Our plants in Italy

We have developed energy production plants from renewable sources in most Italian regions.

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Our plants in Italy
About Us

Gamian Consulting s.r.l. is a dynamic company aimed at meeting the needs of people willing to develop solutions for the production of energy from renewable sources.

We cooperate with primary groups of investors internationally recognized for the development in joint ventures, on the Italian territory, of renewable energy projects and assistance in the management of local problems and in the planning and execution of the necessary phases for the realization (ie procurement and construction).

Gamian Consulting s.r.l expresses and develops its own activities through:

  • A wide Know-how, an extensive experience from its partners and experts, related to research and design feasibility connected to the creation of plants from renewable sources, being able to manage the entire development process;
  • Experience in designing, planning and operational management of power plants;
  • Assistance from plant design to the request for needed authorizations, from the making of the plant itself to its becoming operational;
  • Care for environment.

Our Team

Gamian Agro was born from a natural evolution of the parent company, Gamian Consulting, in the agricultural photovoltaic sector, through the combination of the same with high-level professionalism in the agricultural field and with experience of over 50 years.

It was therefore natural to propose itself in this market to support all those investors who want to build agrophotovoltaic systems in the Italian territory.

Gamian Agro carries out all the activities necessary for the preparation of the Land, preparatory to the subsequent cultivation activity and all the activities connected to the cultivation of the Land.

Gamian Consulting is "Professional Partner 24 ore"

Partner 24 ORE is a network of accountants, lawyers, labor consultants, architects, surveyors, engineers, industrial experts and specialized companies who share their skills to make them available to companies that may have specific needs.

Gamian Consulting is connected to ITALIA SOLARE

ITALIA SOLARE is a company of social promotion sustaining the defense of environment and of human health, supporting smart, sustainable ways of production, storage, management and distribution of power through the generation spread by renewable sources, photovoltaic in particular.


“Sustainable power innovation in harmony with nature”

Gamian Consulting S.r.l. has been operating in Italy since 2007. It was created to offer services and consultancy in the field of power renewable sources and concentrates its activities on the photovoltaic solar, biomasses and hydro - electric areas, providing both technical and financial services.

A present which is already future.

The fast changes currently occurring in the power field and mainly caused by the liberalization of energy carriers, are an impossible challenge to all the players of such markets. Our mission is to promote, plan and develop plants for the production of electric power from renewable sources, aimed at providing a little contribution to the resolution of the climate emergency affecting the planet we live on.

Technological Solutions

Due to the specific nature of power sector, acknowledging that technological and engineering aspects are fundamental elements is crucial to provide proper answers to the challenges put into place by a rapidly evolving sector.

Legal Assistance

The fast evolution of the legislative and regulatory body imposes a continuous attention towards such issues, together with the ability to actively act, anticipating the times of the needed fulfillments.


Gamian Consulting makes the following services available:

Feasibility studies for new plants
Feasibility studies for the implementation of new plants (plants, lines, power stations): plants location, economic and financial analysis, Energy management studies, plants analysis aimed at the optimization of their operating costs (inspections, instrumental surveys, evaluations), study of provisions for editing charge diagrams and "Demand Side Management", contracts optimization, supervision of the main electrical magnitudes.
Together with our main partners, we are developing photovoltaic plants for an overall power of 3500 MW. They are located in different Italian regions.
Wind plants development
Preliminary analysis for the feasibility of wind plants in Sicily, Calabria, Basilicata and Sardinia regions are being carried out by Gamian Consulting.
Evaluation of the environmental impact
Environmental impact by the production of electric power: studies and evaluation of the environmental impact by new productive sites.
Agronomy studies
Planning and providing of systems and plants for the production of power from renewable sources integrated with agricultural crops. This solution, seeing agriculture melt with the innovation of renewable energy, is the highest expression of sustainability.
Due diligence
Technical, legal, administrative and economic due diligence of plants of power from renewable sources.
Our company boasts several contracts for the development of photovoltaic plants with important partners. Gamian Consulting is currently working with:
green power europe
enel green power
Canadian Solar
Alter Enersun
ID Energy Group
Gamian Consulting has previously collaborated with:

Track record

Our trip to a sustainable future

  • 2007-2009 DEUTSCHE BANK
    Development of photovoltaic plants for overall 60 MWp in Calabria and Sicily

    Making of a 12 M4p photovoltaic plant in a Montalto di Castro (VT)

  • 2008 - 2011 9REN
    Development of photovoltaic plants with overall 21,1 MWp in Calabria

  • 2009 - 2011 WKN AG
    Development of wind farms for overall 72 MWp in Basilicata and 36 MWp in Calabria

  • 2009 - 2011 NAPAFIN GROUP
    Development of a 16 MWp photovoltaic plant in Calabria

  • 2010 - 2012 PRIVATE CLIENTS
    Development of a 6 MWp photovoltaic plant in Veneto

  • 2011 DOMO GROUP
    Development of 12 1 MWp photovoltaic plants in Basilicata

  • 2011 - 2013 PRIVATE CLIENTS
    Development of 4 MWp photovoltaic plants in Campania

    Planning of a 0,5 MWp hydro electric plant in Basilicata

    Development of wind farms in Campania and Basilicata for overall 170 air generators

    Development of photovoltaic plants for overall 80 MWp in Basilicata, Apulia, Sicily

    Development of photovoltaic plants for overall 500 MW in Sicily.

Our plants in Italy

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Our plants in Italy


99,44 ha, for overall 41,74 MW

Divided as follows:
  • 2,59 ha of quarries, for overall 1,72 MW
  • 4,0 industrial ha, for overall 3,5 MW
  • 92,86 agriculture ha, for overall 36,52 MW


107,31 ha agricoli, for overall 60,00 MW


153,6 ha, for overall 20 MW

Divided as follows:
  • 41,6 industrial ha, for overall 11 MW
  • 112 agriculture ha, for overall 9 MW


7,97 ha of quarries, for overall 6,15 MW

Emilia Romagna

1,5 industrial ha, for overall 1,25 MW


393,21 ha, for overall 261,97 MW

Divided as follows:
  • 30,67 ha of quarries, for overall 4,5 MW
  • 11,11 industrial ha, for overall 8,36 MW
  • 351,35 agriculture ha, for overall 249,12 MW


18,96 agriculture ha, for overall 9,23 MW


14,88 ha, for overall 12 MW

Divided as follows:
  • 5,6 industrial ha, for overall 4,9 MW
  • 9,28 agriculture ha, for overall 7,14 MW


110 industrial ha, for overall 50 MW


6,65 industrial ha, for overall 6,0 MW


904,97 ha, for overall 431,87 MW

Divided as follows:
  • 120,10 ha of quarries, for overall 75,20 MW
  • 95,40 industrial ha, for overall 62,07 MW
  • 689,47 agriculture ha, for overall 294,60 MW


5415,33 ha, for overall 2721,31 MW

Divided as follows:
  • 98,52 ha of quarries, for overall 61,88 MW
  • 214,15 industrial ha, for overall 84 MW
  • 5102,66 agriculture ha, for overall 2575,43 MW


4,5 industrial ha, for overall 3,75 MW


22,03 ha, for overall 17,2 MW

Divided as follows:
  • 20,03 ha of quarries, for overall 15,51 MW
  • 2,0 industrial ha, for overall 1,67 MW